abstracts and papers

The papers should be prepared in two forms. The first – two page abstract – will be included to conference proceeding. The second – full paper – will be published in .pdf format on CD. Detailed information about paper preparing can be fined below. After revision selected articles will be published in Acta Simulatio, MM Science Journal, Problemy Profesjologii, International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering.

One author can present maximum two papers. Official languages are Polish and English.

Declaration and papers in the electronic version should be sent by e-mail: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. (subject – Author name).

The article (from 12 to 15 pages) and abstract (2 pages) should be written in the text editor Microsoft Words ( doc or docx format) in Polish or English languages according to the following rules:

  • size (paper size) – A4,
  • margins:left, right, bottom, top - 2.5 cm
  • font – Times New Roman 12 pkt.,
  • spacing (distance between rows) – 1,5,
  • paragraph (indent first row) – 0,7 cm (except spacing between paragraphs),
  • justified text (without hyphenation)
  • permissible distinctions in the text - italic and / or bold (without underlining)
  • bullet points - permissible sign '-'
  • title of the table (the table) - Times New Roman 10 pt., Aligned to the left, (Tab. 1)
  • text in the table - Times New Roman 10 pt., Left-aligned (no color and shading)
  • style table - a simple (net)
  • title of the drawing - Times New Roman 10 pt., Centered, (Fig. 1)
  • the source (under the table - aligned to the left, below the figure - centered) - Times New Roman 10 pt.
  • the individual elements of the article separated by a blank line

Article structure

  • Title of the article - Times New Roman 12 pt., Bold, centred;
  • Name and surname of the author / authors - aligned to the left;
  • Affiliation - aligned to the left;
  • Contact details - address, e-mail - aligned to the left;
  • Key words - Times New Roman 10 pt., Line spacing 1.0, Justify;
  • The main part divided into sections - text justified; Titles section / chapter names, bold (if necessary numbered);
  • Citations in the text should be in square bracket.